Helloo! 안넝! Sharin imnida~^^

Anonymous said: Man, Viria, I really really love you and Rick for that Nico thing. And reading HoH, I kinda get the feeling like Rick is trying an experiment, who's gonna stand by and keep reading his books, and who's gonna shied away and keep being close-minded. A risky experiment, not many authors risked their reputation to do it. Hell, not many people said their opinion out loud about this kind of things without being afraid of rejection! That's what I admire about you. Keep being awesome Viria, thank you :3


I think Rick cares so much more about people whom he can help, even in the smallest way, than for those who don’t like something.

I know how much opinions of children mean to him (Like I’ve seen he’s changed book titles because children said something would be better).

Seriously, bless this man.

Via That's rough, buddy.


poor little Hades’ boy

The water’s a bit misleading but this is Nico! -Inspired by what transpired in House of Hades, which was intense.

Nothing to do🎶


Harry Potter is so easily related to other movies ;)

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True story.

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